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Neutrino Extreme Edition

This project is addressed to those in need of a high fidelity amplifier for a small or medium space.
In fact it’s simple to build, very compact (78 x 88 mm) and with enough power.
Sound quality can be a very heated and subjective debate.

Here’s a glimpse into the PCBs, top:
Extreme Top

This unique IC, LME49811, provides a quick and easy way to manufacture an ultra high-fidelity amplifier solution, with the piece-of-mind obtained from a fully optimized, stable design.
Technical characteristics are based on the IC performance.
The most important feature is a class A internal implementation.
About THD nothing to say because is very very low.
Even this low SR characteristic can be easily increased with a driver stage.
In output stage we found complementary ThermalTrak transistors whose main benefit is ...

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