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Neutrino Extreme Edition

This project is addressed to those in need of a high fidelity amplifier for a small or medium space.
In fact it’s simple to build, very compact (78 x 88 mm) and with enough power.
Sound quality can be a very heated and subjective debate.

Here’s a glimpse into the PCBs, top:
Extreme Top

This unique IC, LME49811, provides a quick and easy way to manufacture an ultra high-fidelity amplifier solution, with the piece-of-mind obtained from a fully optimized, stable design.
Technical characteristics are based on the IC performance.
The most important feature is a class A internal implementation.
About THD nothing to say because is very very low.
Even this low SR characteristic can be easily increased with a driver stage.
In output stage we found complementary ThermalTrak transistors whose main benefit is ...

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The power source is a full-bridge power converter based on  a ETD49 core.


*The pulse modulator control circuit is provided by SG3525 and NCP5181 power mosfet drivers without power factor correction.


The SMPS800/1KW also features an advanced over-current protection which limits the output current  in case of temporary overload.

When the overload condition occurs for a longer time, the supply will enter hiccup mode until the overload disappears.


The protection is set at 9 Amps. The voltage drops from 120Vcc to 113Vcc in a full load.

Large capacitors low ESR from Nichicon are used in the secondary stage


This feature combined with large primary electrolytic buffer capacitors leads to the capability of delivering high dynamic headroom power to the connected amplifier.

The sound will ne...

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